My (828)Journey

My earliest memory of the Great Smoky Mountains was the first of many family vacation memories. As a curious 9-year-old “sourdough” miner, I was drawn toward digging rocks & dirt for buried treasure. With a mother who shared and nurtured my adventurous spirit, I was given free rein and a bucket of ruby-rich clay with which to explore my talents. Little did I know that during my first summer vacation here, my quest to find hidden treasure would be fulfilled! The discovery of a 172-carat ruby at the Old Bradley Mine in Cowee Valley near Franklin, NC, was the first step toward my “MountainLife828” destiny! My excitement and ambition were fueled by local publicity, television news coverage, and a front-page-news photo of me and my ruby – all the way down to my hometown West Palm Beach, FL!

The years to follow brought new adventures in camping, hiking, backpacking, rafting, skiing, fishing and exploring Western Carolina. Each visit built on my enthusiasm for the mountain experience. In later years, after meeting and marrying my sweetheart Iris, we started a family and with our daughter, Carly, began taking our own family vacations to the Smokies! It became obvious that we wanted to spend more time here, so the decision came easy to purchase property in 2003, laying permanent stakes a couple years later by building our dream home--and another for Mom!

In 2006, once settled in the town of Murphy, NC, my passion turned into my career. Mine and my family's journey has led us to the creation of "MountainLife828". Over the years it has given me great joy and pleasure to work alongside others in their quest to live, invest, or leave behind a legacy of real estate for their family's future. I'm looking forward to walking with you in your (828) journey!